In the beginning of 2017 I was searching the area for a good spot for the lynx project.

One day I found some elk traces and followed them up to a higher ground which looked perfect for my project.

I placed a dead red fox in the snow and installed a trail cam.

Now I just needed to wait.

For the next weeks I avoided to went back to the place.

I didn't want to leave too much human scent and scaring away the lynx.

On the 25th of march 2017 I found some lynx traces not so far from my trail cam.

The lynx has been taken the red fox i laid out as bait, but the camera lens of the trail cam was covered with snow and not one image was taken.


17. April 2017


For the first time my trail cam was able to take images of the Eurasian lynx.

The Lynx arrived at around 4 AM and stayed for almost 1 hour and 20 minutes.

At around 4:40 PM the lynx was back for another 40 minutes.

18. April 2017

Already next day at 2:40 PM the lynx showed up again.

This time the Lynx stayed for almost 5 hours with some bigger breaks of up to 10-25 minutes.

My trail cam has been taken several images and videos.


19.+20. April 2017

From 11:15 PM and during the night and the early morning my trail cam catched several images of the lynx. 

21. April 2017

The same lynx visited my spot five days in a row.

On the fifth day the lynx showed up in the early morning and late evening.


3. May 2017

After 12-13 days with no action another lynx appeared just before midnight for a very short visit.

On the image you can clearly see the bigger black spots on the coat. 

This was the last image of a lynx in 2017.