2018, the second season.

I started again to use my trail cam, but later in the season I used a Canon 5D Mark II.

Equipped with a motion detector the Canon 5D Mark II was working like a trail cam, but with much better image quality.

My father-in-Law worked on a selfmade motion detector as a gift to my birthday.

I also bought a commercial motion detector, which i mainly use for this project.

07. March 2018

The first visit of the lynx in 2018. 

At 10:33 PM the trail cam took the first image.

The lynx stayed for around 30 minutes.


08. March 2018

During the day 3 golden eagles and some white-tailed eagles were eating on the dead fox.

Surprisingly the lynx dropped by at dusk for a short visit.

This is the first time I got an image taken with my Canon DSLR.

in the background you can see a juvenile white-tailed eagle sitting in the tree.

21. March 2018

After almost 2 weeks the lynx was back early in the morning at around 4:20.

My Canon camera was unfortunately under snow and not able to get any photos.

The lynx stayed for almost 2 hours. 


23. March 2018

In the afternoon at around 4:30 PM the lynx was back and stayed in the area for around 1,5 hours, 

At 7 PM the trail cam took one image of the lynx passing by.

Still, my Canon buried under snow.

24. March 2018

On this day the lynx showed up several times.

The trail cam got some images early in the morning at around 2:30 AM and more images during the day and night.

No images with my Canon.


30. March 2018

I just placed a new fox and  it took just a couple of hours and the lynx showed up again.

The Lynx was just passing by and not interested in the fox.

This time my Canon wasn't covered with snow and able to take one image.

1. April 2018

The first time I got several photos of the lynx with my canon camera.

The lynx appeared at around 5:16 PM stayed for almost 80 minutes.

This was also the last appearance of the lynx in 2018.