2019, The Third Year.

During 2019 the Lynx visited my camera trap several times.

This time I also could tell that the lynx I followed since 2017 is a female lynx.

For the first time I got images with her kitten in the beginning of 2019 and 2 kittens at the end of 2019.

The best year for my project so far.

25. January 2019

The first visit in 2019 and for the very first time I got an image of the female lynx with one kitten.

They stayed for around 30 minutes before they disappeared in the night again.


18.-20. February 2019

The female lynx is back and the kitten just behind her.

They visited the place mostly during the night, but on the 19th they stayed for almost 2 and a half hours in the middle of the day.

15. March 2019

A new visit of the female lynx with her kitten.

This time my camera caught the northern light, while the kitten was checking out the bait.

Unfortunately we had some mild weather for the last days.

That made the place not looking very natural.


24. March 2019

A new visit on an early evening, when it wasn't completly dark.

This time the lynx just stayed for 3 minutes.

27. March 2019

We had some bad weather during the last days with a lot of wind and snow.

My camera lens was again covered with snow over a longer periode.

This time I used a 14mm Samyang lens, which didn't survived the harsh weather.


28. March 2019

On this day the female lynx and her kitten visited my place during the whole day.

My camera has been taken over 2000 images on this day.

31. March 2019

A short visit off the female lynx at the evening for a couple of minutes.


4. April 2019

The last sign of the lynx before summer.

I found some lynx traces in the valley not far from my camera trap.

This time the lynx didn't vist my camera trap.

12. - 13. November 2019

The female lynx is back.

This time with 2 kittens.

They arrived at 6:58 PM and left again at around 0:48 AM.

Unfortunately I heard that both kittens most likely got hit by a car in 2 different incidents a few weeks/months later and didn't survived.