2020, the fourth year.

2020 wasn't a good year for my lynx project.

It might have something to do with the tragic death of the 2 kittens, but we also had a lot of snow this winter.

My camera trap was several times completely under snow.

2. January 2020

The first sign of the lynx.

Not so far from my camera trap I found fresh lynx traces.

The lynx was passing by the area during the night, but didn't visit my camera trap.


11. January 2020

The day I got fooled by the lynx.

It was snowing during the whole night and the landscape was covered in snow.

I packed my camera bag in the morning and went into the forrest to see if I can take some nice photos of the white landscape.

Not far from the cabin I found fresh lynx traces and started to follow them.

I knew they were fresh and wanted to see where the lynx went.

After a while I stopped following the traces due to steep terrain. 

When I got back to the cabin I discovered that the lynx hasn't been so far while I was following her traces.

The lynx walked in circles around me and passing by the cabin, while I was following the traces.

Yes, that feeling!!!

25. January 2020

A very short visit at around 3:20 AM.

My camera trap was covered with snow and didn't take any pictures.

My trail cam just took one image before the lynx left.


27. March 2020

Another short visit of approximately 3 minutes.

28. March 2020

The last visit in 2020.

A couple of minutes and the lynx was gone.