2021, the fifth year of this project had a very bad start.
When I look back to the previous years, March and April were always the best months with most visits of the lynx.
The whole winter season 2020/2021 the lynx didn't appeared at all and this was the first time I haven't got any image of the lynx during a winter season.
I didn't had high expectations for the winter season 2021/2022, but finally got lucky again in December 2021.

11. November 2021
Not a lynx, but this reindeer was walking
by my camera trap with the northern lights
dancing on the sky.
This is the kind of image I would like to get with the lynx.


5. December 2021
After more than one year I got again an image of a lynx.  It's not the same lynx I watched the previous years. You clearly can see that this lynx has big black spots over the whole body, while the lynx from the previous years just has a few spots on the legs.
This lynx just visit my camera trap for a short time. The first image was taken at 16:25:04 PM and the last image which shows him walking away was at 16:25:47 PM. 
A short visit for a bit more than 40 seconds.
But anyway I am very happy that I again was so fortunate to get this amazing cat in front of my camera.