My name is Alfred Lucas and I am a hobby nature and wildlife photographer from Norway. I was born in Germany in 1970, but since January 2002 I live with my Norwegian wife Mona in Tromsø, Northern Norway.


I never have been interested in photography before 2014 when we bought our first digital DSLR camera for Mona, a Canon 550D. Earlier in my life in Germany I had two analog Nikon cameras, a F501 and a F70, but used them only on vacations.


After we bought the 550D I went out to teach myself to take photos, but when I compared my photos with photos by other photographers I never was satisfied with my images. So I have been teaching myself several hundred hours through blogs by photographers, workshops, books and practical exercises.


In December 2015 we went to Rwanda and booked three trips to the mountain gorillas at the Volcano National Park. When I was standing in the middle of the jungle surrounded by a group of mountain gorillas it was almost like to be in a BBC documentary. That was the moment when I realised that I want to be a nature and wildlife photographer.


Back in Norway I noticed that it is absolute important to have local knowledge to be a nature and wildlife photographer and started to study my surroundings. I got a lot of important information from Ivar, my father-in-law, and Magnus, an uncle of Mona. They have been living in the North their whole life and have absolute valuable knowledge of the northern nature.


Today I take most of my photos in the area of Nordreisa, where we are so lucky to have the opportunity to stay as much as we want in the weekend house belonging to an uncle and aunt of Mona. This weekend house is placed just 30 meters from the shoreline and we are surrounded by an incredible nature and wildlife. I feel very privileged to live at a place like this.


I hope you enjoy my photos of the nature and wildlife in the North.



Alfred Lucas