The Photo Blind

During the last years I had different approaches to take photos of the wildlife along the shoreline just outside the cabin.


In the beginning I just found a driftwood
which I dug into the ground.
I placed some heavy stones around the wood
and placed out some bait.
As bait I use mainly some fish, but sometimes
I just place some food waste.
This attract often the seagulls, crows and ravens, which
usually make a lot of noise and may get the attention of a white-tailed eagle.
The driftwood would be an excellent landing spot for an eagle. 



At this point I didn't had a photo blind,
but just used the boat house from
my wife's uncle, Magnus.
I just opened the door a bit, placed my camera through the door
and was sitting on a chair,
waiting for the eagle.
A bit later I did cut a small window
into the door so I could close
the door and put the lense through
the window.


In 2020 I build for the
very first time a very simple photo blind. 
I used some tarpaulin, driftwood, rope and camouflage blankets.
I remember very well my first night
in this photo hide. 
During the night we got a lot of wind and even snow. The hide wasn't very weather sealed and I woke up in my sleeping bag covered with snow.
The photo blind didn't survived
the winter storms.

In 2021 I build a more stable and permanent photo hide
which you can see in the image below.
If you are interested in the building process
you can find a video about it on my YouTube channel.
Just click on the button below.

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