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A new Lynx visited my site

After 12-13 days without any signs of the lynx another lynx appeared in front of my trail cam

After 12-13 days without any action, another lynx appeared just before midnight for a very short visit.

“On the image you clearly can see that this is not the same lynx which visited my site earlier this season.”

This lynx seemed to be a bit smaller and had bigger black spots on the coat. This is also the last time a lynx visited my site in 2017.

Motivation for a new season

What a good start I had. I never thought that I will have such a big success so early, but everything felt in place and I got lucky. Now I'm looking forward for the next winter season and will do some changes in my camera setup so I can take images with a better and higher resolution.

#Lynx #Camera #Wildlife #Wildcat #Norway #Arctic

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