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An unexpected guest

During the last days I had 3 golden eagles around my trail cam and today I placed out My Canon 5D mark II connected to a selv made trigger.

7th of March 2018

My trail cam did take a few images and videos of three golden eagles during the last days.

Now it's time to get some decent images with my Canon DSLR.

“My father-in-law, Ivar, build a trigger for my Canon DSLR.”

Last summer I got a selv made trigger on my birthday from my father-in-law, Ivar. Now it's time to test it at my site for the lynx. The lynx mainly shows up during the night time so the first test of the trigger will be with the golden eagles at day time.


Canon 5D mark II + Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II

I wrapped the camera into a plastic bag, used some tape and placed it in the snow so just the front of the lense is visible. The trigger is connected with a cable to the camera and if something is moving in front of the trigger the camera is supposed to take an image.

“Now I just needed to wait and hope that the golden eagles will show up.”

Back at the cabin I was sitting with the window waiting for daylight. At first light I spotted the first golden eagle and shortly after I could see another eagle in the air. I could see that they went down to the bait and I just crossed my fingers that my camera setup will work.

After it got dark again I walked up to pick up my camera to check if my new camera trap did work. I looked through my memory card and was pleased that I got many images of the golden eagles and got really surprised when I discovered that the last few images were of the lynx.

It's the same lynx as last night and he showed up for a few minutes just before dusk.

On the image above you can see in the background a white-tailed eagle sitting in a tree.

What a day. I was sitting in the window looking up to my camera trap without knowing that the lynx was there. Unfortunately I didn't see him.

But the camera trap worked perfectly. Now I just need to do some adjustments before I can leave it for several weeks out in the cold.

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