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Another visit of the female lynx

I'm always happy to see that the female lynx still is around.

27th of March 2020

“It's two months ago the female lynx visited my camera trap.”

Another short visit of approximately 3 minutes. My camera trap managed to get a few images. It's the female lynx which has been visiting my camera trap several times during the last years. The last time was in November 2019 with her two kittens. Now she is without her kittens, which confirms what I heard earlier this year. A few weeks ago two lynx kittens got hit by a car and killed while crossing a road. This happened not so far from my camera trap and I was worried it would be the kittens from my female lynx.

28th of March 2020

The female lynx is back and it's also her last appearance in 2020. She was just a couple of minutes in front of my camera before she again disappeared in the night. At this time I didn't now that this was most likely the last time that I will see this female lynx. During the next years the female lynx didn't showed up and I'm worried that she is not among us anymore.

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