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Camera Trap Failure

During heavy snow fall my camera trap was covered with snow, while my trail cam was able to take a few images of the lynx.

21st of March 2018

The lynx was back early in the morning at around 4:20. My Canon camera was unfortunately under snow and not able to get any photos, but my trail cam has got a few images from this day. The lynx stayed for almost 2 hours.

23rd of March 2018

In the afternoon at around 4:30 PM the lynx was back and stayed in the area for around 1,5 hours. At 7 PM the trail cam took one image of the lynx passing by. Still, my Canon buried under snow.

“The light conditions were just perfect, but the snow got in the way for my camera trap.”

24th of March 2018

On this day the lynx showed up several times. The trail cam got some images early in the morning at around 2:30 AM and more images during the day and night. My camera trap still buried under snow.

Even if my DSLR didn't take any images this time I was happy that the lynx showed up so many times. This is promising for my lynx project.

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