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First images with my Camera Trap

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

For the first time my camera trap was able to take several images of the Eurasian lynx.

3oth of March 2018

I just placed a new fox and it took just a couple of hours and the lynx showed up. The Lynx was just passing by and not interested in the fox. This time my DSLR wasn't covered with snow and my camera trap was able to take one image of the lynx.

1st of April 2018

This is the first time I got several photos of the lynx with my DSLR camera. The lynx appeared at around 5:16 PM and stayed for almost 80 minutes. This was also the last appearance of the lynx in 2018.

“The lynx appeared in front of my camera trap in a beautiful light.”

What a Day!!!

Finally I got some decent images of the lynx.

#Wildlife #CameraTrap #Canon #Lynx #WildCat #WildlifePhotography

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