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First signs of the lynx

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Lynx tracks in the snow

I startet my lynx project in the end of February 2017 with placing a dead red fox covered by a trail cam.

“Sorry, I use bait for my project, but this gives me the best opportunity to get the lynx or other animals in front of my camera.”

The dead fox I got from a friend who has a hunting license. I personally do not hunt, except with my camera, but sometimes the population of red foxes is so big that it can cause problems. If the number of red foxes dramatically increases the danger of diseases, such as rabies, can hit the population. On the other hand the red fox is also bad news for the endangered arctic fox and other ground nesting birds. The red fox is bigger than the arctic fox and displaces it from the natural habitat.

25th of March 2017

I found som lynx tracks not so far from my trail cam and walked up to see if I got some images or videos of the lynx. I stayed away for some weeks so I didn't leave too much human scent and scaring away the lynx, but now I'm very excited. Arriving at my trail cam I discovered more lynx tracks and noticed that the fox was gone. Unfortunately we had some heavy snow fall the last days and the lense of the trail cam was covered by snow and didn't take any image or video of the lynx.

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