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First tracks of the lynx this winter

I found the first fresh tracks of the lynx in this winter season 2022/2023.

10th of December 2022

“We got our first snow and the conditions are just perfect to discover the secrets of our local wildlife.”

A few weeks ago I placed my camera trap and was on my way up to see if anything happened or if I needed to change some batteries. We got some new snow and the conditions were just perfect to see what's happening in the forrest in my absence.

I found a lot of tracks from a red fox and some other small mammals like the stoat, least weasel or mice. Suddenly I discovered bigger paw prints and much rounder than from the red fox. Tracks of an Eurasian lynx.

They were bigger as the ones from the red fox and also the distance between every paw was much longer. According to the size of the tracks I believe it could be a male lynx. He came through the forrest, walked along the trail before he went back into the forrest and disappeared.

I was of course very excited to see if he was at my camera trap. Arriving at my camera trap I couldn't find any tracks around it and also the fish I placed between some rocks were untouched.

“The lynx hasn't been with my camera trap. Lucky me, because my flash didn't work anyway.”

I checked my memory card and soon I could rule out that the lynx has been with my camera trap. Most of the images were under exposed and I noticed that my settings of the flash were wrong.

After I changed the batteries of my camera trap and the settings of my flash I checked my trail cam. Here I found a few videos of a red fox and a pine marten. Even if my camera trap didn't got any photos this time I know there is some wildlife around and the tracks of the lynx gives me hope that one day again my camera trap will get some photos of this shy wild cat.

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