• Alfred Lucas

Is the Canon EOS R waterproof?

No, the EOS R is not waterproof. Last summer (2020) I went out in the forrest to take some pictures. Suddenly it started to rain, not heavy, but enough that the camera body got a bit wet. I had the Canon EOS R and my beloved EOS 1D X Mark II with me. After a while the EOS R started to failure and some buttons didn't react anymore. I switched off the EOS R, removed the battery and placed it back in my camera bag. My EOS 1D X Mark II still worked without any problems.

Back at home I dried the camera as much as I could and leaved it for the night closed to a heater. It didn't help. The next day the camera was completely dead and I had to sent it in for repair. We don't have any company up in the North of Norway which do these kind of repairs so I sent it to Fotocare AS in Oslo.

Here a few images I got from the customer service after they opened the camera.

The repairman kept me very well informed during the whole process and I knew this will be most likely very expensive. Even after they changed all components, which seemed to be damaged, the camera was still dead. They took contact with Canon and were informed that the mainboard is most likely damaged and needs to be replaced.

After that the camera was working fine again, but done a huge impact on my wallet.

A new Canon EOS R cost just under 25.000,- NOK and the repair cost me almost 15.000,- NOK.

With the new repaired camera the repairman included the parts he replaced.

What did I learn? Don't use the EOS R in rain without a rain cover.

I like the EOS R and especially the silent shutter function, but I would love it if it would be better weather sealed. I know that Canon has already released the EOS R5, but using all my money to repair the EOS R the R5 is just for now out of my price range.