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My first image of the lynx

Five days in a row

“Finally. The first image of a wild lynx."

For the first time my trail cam was able to take images of the Eurasian lynx.

17th of March 2017

The lynx arrived at around 4 AM and stayed for almost 1 hour and 20 minutes. At around 4:40 PM the lynx was back for another 40 minutes.

18th of March 2017

Already next day at 2:40 pM the lynx showed up again. This time the lynx stayed for almost 5 hours with some bigger breaks of up to 10-25 minutes. My trail cam has been taken several images and videos.

19+20th of March 2017

From 11:15 PM and during the night and the early morning my trail cam caught several images of the lynx.

21st of March 2017

On the fifth day the lynx showed up again in the early morning and late evening. What a success!!!

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