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reindeer under the aurora

Not a lynx, but a reindeer.

11th of November 2021

“During the last winter 2020/2021 my camera trap didn't captured any image of the lynx.”

The last season was my worst season for my camera trap. Not one image of a lynx, but I still hope that the next season will be a bit better.

“For the last days we had a herd of reindeer in our area.”

The reindeers her in Northern Norway are not wild animals, but domesticated and belongs to the Sami people. During the last days we have seen several reindeers in our area and when I checked my camera trap I found some images of reindeers on my memory card.

It's not a lynx, but I got at least an image of a reindeer walking under the northern light. This is the kind of image I would like to get with the lynx.

#Wildlife #CameraTrap #Canon #Reindeer

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