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Selv Made Trigger

I got a selv made trigger for my Canon DSLR

Last summer I got a selv made trigger from my father-in-law so I can use my Canon DSLR for my photo project of the Eurasian lynx.

“It's simple, but work perfectly.”

Last year I just used my trail cam, but the image quality of the trail cam can't compete with my Canon camera. The use of this selv made trigger allows me to use my DSLR like a trail cam, but with much better and higher image quality.

How does it work?

You just connect the trigger with a cable to your DSLR and turn on the equipment.

When something is moving in front of the trigger, the trigger will send a signal to the camera and the camera will take an image.

This selv made trigger is simple and it take one image for every signal send to the camera. There are commercial triggers you can buy on the marked which are waterproofed and with the possibility to do different settings. My selv made trigger is not water proofed so I will buy one of these so I can have my camera out at any kind of weather.

Looking forward to the next lynx season!!!

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