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The female lynx is back

It's so nice to see the female lynx with her kitten again!!!

18th - 20th of February 2019

During the last three days the female lynx with her kitten visited my camera trap several times. They visited the site mainly during the night, but on the 19th they stayed for almost 2 and a half hours in the middle of the day.

“This time my camera trap took several images of the lynx.”

I choose a night setup for my camera trap, because the lynx mainly showed up at night. Now the lynx was several hours at daytime so many of the images were over exposed. Fortunately it was not very bright at day due to a very cloudy and snowy weather so I could use some of the images taken this day.

Anyway I think I need to place 2 cameras, one with night- and one with day-setup, so I'm sure I have the right settings at any time.

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