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The lynx is more safe this winter season!

Yes!!! No quota is set for lynx hunt in my local area.

Image is from the local newspaper "FRAMTID I NORD".

15th of December 2022

“Norway's lynx population is under the national goal of 65 family groups.”

The quota hunt of the lynx in Norway takes place every year in February/March. This year Norway's environment ministry denied quota hunt in 4 of 8 regions. The Norwegian parliament determined a total number of 65 family groups a year and in 2022 the lynx population consists of 58,5 family groups.

Still the environment ministry issued quotas in the other 4 regions and I fear for the future for our only wild living cat in Norway. The lynx is already a threatened species and not just quotas, but also illegal hunt is a big threat and very difficult to uncover or to stop. It's also sad that Norwegians authorities allow to hunt female lynxes with their cubs.

I'm anyway happy that there is no quota issued in my local area. We have a female lynx with three cubs this winter in a valley not so far from my farm. Yes, you read right, 3 cubs, which is very rare. She is responsible of some lost of some lambs and I was afraid they would open to hunt her down, but not this year. I hope she and her cubs will be safe and I wish her and her cubs a long and untroubled future.

Information about the 8 regions and issued quotas in 2023

Region 1: Sogne og Fjordane, Hordaland, Rogaland og Vest-Agder

Quota issued in 2023

Region 2: Vestfold, Buskerud, Telemark og Aust-Agder

Quota issued in 2023

Region 3: Oppland

Quota issued in 2023

Region 4: Oslo, Akershus og Østfold

No quota issued in 2023

Region 5: Hedmark

No quota issued in 2023

Region 6: Møre og Romsdal, Nord-Trøndelag og Sør-Trøndelag

Quota issued in 2023

Region 7: Nordland

No quota issued in 2023

Region 8: Troms og Finnmark

No quota issued in 2023

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