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The lynx under the aurora

One of my main goals with this camera trap is to get an image of the lynx under the Northern Light!!!

There is one image I want to achieve with this camera trap. An image of the lynx under the Northern light.

“There are so many things which need to be in place at the same time to get this one image.”

15th of March 2019

On the 15th of March the female lynx with her kitten showed up again on my site.

This time my camera caught the Northern light, while the kitten was checking out the bait. Unfortunately we had some mild weather for the last days which made the place not looking very natural.

“Not a perfect image, but anyway I'm happy to got the lynx under the Northern light.”

#Wildlife #CameraTrap #Canon #Lynx #WildCat #WildlifePhotography #NorthernLight

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