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Two lynx kittens

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

This winter the female lynx has 2 kittens.

12th - 13th of November 2019

“I'm happy to see the female lynx again after the summer season.”

I was so happy when I checked my camera trap and discovered that the female lynx is back and this time with two kittens. They arrived at 6:58 PM and left again at around 0:48 AM. Looking through the images I could see that the kittens sometimes had a small fight and that one of them seemed to be a bit smaller than the other one.

“Unfortunately the kittens didn't survived the winter.”

A few month later I unfortunately heard that two young lynxes got hit by a car in two different incidents and didn't survived. This happened not so far from my camera trap and it's most likely that this were the kittens of my female lynx I followed for the last 3 years.

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