The Lynx Project

Eastern 2016 I was early in the morning on my way to work, when suddenly two lynxes crossed the road in front of my car. I stopped my car and they briefly looked at me before they run into the forrest and disappeared. That's when I started to work on the idea about the lynx project.


The Squirrel Project

I knew we had squirrels in the forrest around our place, but I never have seen one before I started this project. I wanted to take some pictures of the squirrel in its natural habitat, deep in the forrest with dark shadows and breaching sunlight. 


The Shoreline Project

Along our shoreline we have many visitors during the seasons. Sometimes we see the otter passing by, the red-breasted merganser is a regular visitor during the year, the greylag goose arrives in spring and very often the white-tailed eagle stops by to find something to eat.

Many opportunities to take som photos of local wildlife.