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Project Lynx

This page is dedicated my biggest photo project I have been working on for the last years. The Eurasian lynx. Working with this project make me focus on a particular topic and helps me to develop new skills, become more creative, learn more about this wild cat and become a better photographer.

I started this project back in 2017, after I have seen for the very first time two wild lynxes in 2016. An early morning I was driving to work when I suddenly saw two animals crossing the road around 300 meters in front of my car. The light was poor and I didn't realized what kind of animals I just have seen. The moment I got closer to the crossing point I slowed down my car to see if I can spot these animals.

There they stood, just five meters from the road; two wild lynxes were looking at me before they turned around and disappeared in the forrest.

From that moment the idea of my first photo project was born.

History of my lynx project

The history of my lynx project is designed as a blog and you are able and invited to leave a comment. Here you find information about how often the lynx visit my place, camera equipment I use, general information about the lynx in my area and much more. You are just one click away to enter the world of the Eurasian lynx.

Eurasian Lynx 2019_001

Vlog on YouTube

Another easy way to get more knowledge of my lynx project is to check out my YouTube channel where I talk about my camera setup, difficulties, tracking and much more.

Eurasian Lynx 2019_010_edited.jpg
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