The Full Story Of My

Lynx Project

I started this project back in 2017, after I have seen for the very first time two wild lynxes in 2016. An early morning I was driving to work when I suddenly saw two animals crossing the road around 300 meters in front of my car. The light was poor and I didn't realized what kind of animals I saw. The moment I got closer to the crossing point I slowed down my car to see if I can spot these animals.

There they stood, just five meters from the road; two wild lynxes were looking at me before they turned around and disappeared in the forrest.

From that moment the idea of my first photo project was born.

Eurasian Lynx 2019_001


Since I started this project I wrote a diary of any signs of the lynx. It can be tracks of the lynx I found in my local area or even photos taken by my trail cam or camera trap I have been put up for this project.

My Camera Trap

On this page you find some information about my camera trap, what kind of equipment I use and other information, which might be useful to start your own project by using a camera trap.

Eurasian Lynx 2019_010

The Lynx in Norway

If you are interested to find out a bit more of this amazing animal you might want to take a look here.