You may wondering why I'm using a photo blind to photograph the squirrel.
In general the squirrel is not very shy and easy to take pictures of.
Anyway I thought the squirrel will behave more natural, if he/she not sees me.
On the other hand these squirrels are a bit more shy as the squirrels you can find in a park in the middle of a city.
They are living in a forrest with not much human activity.


Initially I needed to find a good spot.
I had some images in mind I wanted to take.
Images of the squirrel in a deep forrest with dark shadows and breaching sunlight.
When I found the perfect spot I used a lot of already chopped down trees to build the photo blind between some trees.
My wife's uncle chopped down these trees earlier too thin the vegetation in this forrest.


For the walls I used tarpaulins and camouflage net.
I didn't build a floor and use the natural ground from the forrest.
That means it can be a bit cold, especially in winter, but also in summer due to not high temperatures so far up in the North.

As you can see this is a very simple photo blind, but it works.
I placed a camping bed inside the blind and sometimes I even sleep in the blind in winter time.
If you would like to see more about this photo blind you might want to look into my YouTube channel.