Diary Of My Encounters With The Lynx



The First Year

In 2017 I was searching for a good spot where I might have a chance to get the lynx in front of my camera. One day I found some elk tracks and followed them up to a higher ground which seemed perfect for my project.

I placed a dead fox in the snow and installed a trail cam. Now I just needed to wait.


The Second Year

In the beginning of my second year I still just used my trail cam, but later I got a motion trigger from Camtraptions which allowed me to use my Canon 5D Mark II. For the first time I got an image of the lynx with my DSLR and even got a highly commended in 2019 at Norways biggest photo contest for nature and wildlife photography;

Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC). 



The Third Year

The third year is one of the most successful years in this project. During the year the lynx appeared in front of my camera trap several times and I even was able to determine the gender. I got several images of the lynx with one or even two kitten, which makes me very sure it's a female lynx.


The Fourth Year

After a very good previous year for my project I really was looking forward to a new successful year. Unfortunately the fourth year was not a good year at all and I just got 3 short visits in March. 

Later I heard that two lynx kitten got hit and killed by a car in the beginning of 2020 and it's very likely that these are the two kitten I got pictures of in November 2019.



The Fifth Year

After a not so good year in 2020 for my lynx project I was hoping for a better 2021. Unfortunately I didn't find any signs of the lynx at all and not one single image in the first six months.

I didn't had high expectations for 2021, but finally another lynx, not the female lynx from previous years, appeared twice in front of my camera in December 2021.


The Sixth Year

For the last 2 years I haven't been very lucky to get the lynx in front of my camera trap, but I found tracks of the lynx several times during the winter season.