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About Me

Hi there!


Thank you so much for visiting my website.

I hope you like it and find what you are looking for.

If you are interested to purchase one or more of my pictures so please don't hesitate to contact me.

My name is Alfred Lucas and I'm a nature and wildlife photographer.

By all means I'm not a professional, but spend as much time behind my camera as possible.

I was born and raised in Bremen, Germany, but live now with my Norwegian wife Mona in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

We are both very interested in our local nature and wildlife and I couldn't do all this photography without the support of Mona.

We both love to be out there, in the nature, and experience the landscapes and wildlife of our local area.

In summertime we have the midnight sun, while at wintertime the Aurora Borealis, the Northern light, is dancing on the sky.

This is a perfect place to be a nature and wildlife photographer.

Living in the North means you are surrounded by amazing landscapes and fascinating wildlife like the Eurasian lynx, whales, birds of prey and many more.

This gives me plenty of opportunities to get out with my camera and discover new worlds.

To get out there is not always to get the "perfect" image but spending time in the nature and enjoying every moment.

We live along the coast and have the sea right outside our door.

That gives us many opportunities to get out with our boat to discover marine wildlife or just do fishing.


On the other hand we do kayaking throughout the year, which give us the opportunity to get very close to wildlife along the coast, like the otter or different sea birds.

Mona really loves her kayak and I'm never far with my camera to document it.

To find and get a great photo of our wildlife I understood that local knowledge is of most importance.

I've done that by exploring new valleys and other areas I've never been before, but also my father-in-law, Ivar, and Monas uncle, Magnus, supported me.

They have been living in the North their whole life and have absolute valuable knowledge of the northern nature.

Today I take most of my photos in the area of Nordreisa, where we are so lucky to have the opportunity to stay as much as we want in the weekend house belonging to an uncle and aunt of Mona, Jens and Helene.

This weekend house is placed just 30 meters from the shoreline and we are surrounded by an incredible nature and wildlife.

Sometimes we have 4 to 7 white-tailed eagles just outside our window while eating breakfast or we wake up to traces of the lynx just outside our sleeping room window.

I feel very privileged to live at a place like this and looking forward to many new encounters with the local wildlife.

Thanks to be interested in us and I hope you enjoy my photos of the nature and wildlife in the North.



Alfred Lucas

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